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Oct 3, 2012 9:00pm CDT
have not been released because family members are still being notified. levin gary, dan ponce. live in gary, dan ponce de. >> we showed you the largest .ponce. ponce, wgn news. >> it is a large-scale operation and at the same time the profits from that will be used to purchase firearms and that's where the violence comes and the superintendent himself talking about the biggest drug bust ever the crops to football field's wide were nestled deep inside the wetlands near stoney island, but it wasn't visible from the ground, a police chopper unit was on a routine flight yesterday when it spotted a path of a few familiar plants below. deliberately placed in the ground throw after row, there between 4-10 ft. tall as big as christmas trees who was one of the first on the scene yesterday says the lieutenant also an abandoned camp a tarp, a sleeping bag food no weapons and no sign of any criminals. it's extremely thick it's like walking through the john bull back in there that was earlier before street and sanitation workers arrived with their bulldozers and dump trucks early this morning
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm CDT
-and let dan. >>, like to be able to see him continue to stay there. he has 24-hour care givers to take care of him. to live out his days as long as he can. >> harris has now resigned. saying that he felt no support. harris released a statement which said because of the lack of support given during my recent suspension have decided to render my resignation as principal effective tuesday october 2, 2012. >> he is a member of my church. he taught at the school year. he was our assistant principal before he went there. no. when i think he is a great man. i think he is a great educator. parents say that father o'donnell came in with a prickly attitude. >> he just came and was a dictator. he was not warm or welcoming to anyone. he is basically just pushing everyone away. >> currently there is no principal at st. margaret's of scotland school parent. >>still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! tg ids. m uueleoooo
Oct 2, 2012 9:00pm CDT
stick with a rack on the and to train horses. you don't need to kick me. >> dan ryan is from minnesota and she has been to six of his clinics but she still has some fears on her horse. >> really afraid into learning the skills into the tools really puts me back in the driver's seat and then it's fun. jean is a recreational ryder from arlington heights who has been riding since she was a little girl. >> you just have to juggle your leg a little and they get it. >> when you hear about his childhood you understand how he knows pain doesn't work as recounted in the sun dance audience award winning documentary simply title balk his early life in montana and idaho was marked by a level of pain. >> we started out as trick gropers so we were called buckshot into a smoky. the boys appeared on tv shows and even a cereal box but at home, their father was brutally abusive. >> they saved my life, i was a foster kid at 11 years old and i was lost and i had no one in the world that wanted me and my brother or cared about us and the horses were a refuge for me. the brothers had been rescued by a
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm CDT
call-up dan johnson led the sox with three home runs. paul konerko andviciedo also homered. the sox beat the indians nine- nothing, to finish the season 88- and- 77the cubs trying to avoid a sweep in their finale. they're tied with the astros in the ninth and bryan lahair's base hit to right ends the season with a walk- off victory. cubs win 5-4, and finish with 101 losses, and 61 wins. jay cuter and mike tice both downplayed their sideline incident on monday night football. cameras caught cutler walking away from tice in the second quarter. they explained they were frustrated after not converting a crucial third- and- one, but everything is good. >>i get enough of me sometimes too. i am not saying he should have handled it differently. >>it helps with a big win as well. >> it is a lovely day out there. at we have some big changes on the way. temperatures are going to drop. let's take a look at these beautiful pictures. the catalog's the beautiful colors that are out in that particular area of the world. colchester illinois is the focus of that total right there. photo right there
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4